Animinitime Halifax – Faith Erin Hicks

Graphic novel artist and fellow Haligonian, Faith Erin Hicks’ works have recieved critical praise from around the world. Her works include Zombies Calling and The War At Ellsmere. You can see samples of her work and learn more on her website.

“Born in the wilds of British Columbia, the young Faith frolicked among the Sasquatch native to the province before moving to Ontario at age five. There she was homeschooled with her three brothers, and developed an unnatural passion for galloping around on horseback, though never without a proper helmet (because you only get one skull). After twenty years of suffering through Ontario’s obscenely hot summers, she migrated east, and now lives beside the other ocean in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She worked in animation for a bit, and now draws comics full time. She’s not sure how that happened either.” –