Anime@Large’s Super Picnic

Date: April 24, 2010
Time: 12:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: The Halifax Pavilion at the Halifax Commons
5816 Cogswell Street (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Super Picnic – an anime and cosplay event to welcome in Spring and have tons of fun hanging out with fellow fans from around the Maritimes. Bring some lunch, bring some food to share, bring your friends and prepare for some good times! Hang out on the play equipment, laze on the grass with some good conversation or join fellow cosplayers in the Pavilion for Animinitime’s masquerade – it’s the perfect pre-con event!


12:00pm Registration for masquerade, music, snacks, good times and prize give aways.
2:00pm Walk on walk off photo Shoot and costume contest
2:30pm Three Legged Race of epic proportions
3:30 pm Skit contest


(FREE!) Picnics are for everyone, no door charge.
(FREE!) Entry into the Masquerade competition if you are pre-registered for Animinitime
(FREE!) Entry into the traditional three-legged race!
(FREE!) Random Anime@Large Prize giveaways !
($2.00) For the Masquerade competition without convention pre-registration.
($1.00) Cold canned pop/juice box and other drinks.

We will also be selling Pocky, Pretz and some other fun Japanese goodies.

Please Note: Meals will not be provided and snack food is while supplies last. All attendees are encouraged to bring their own food to enjoy and a chair or blanket for lounging!

The Super Picnic is an open to the public event taking place in a public city-owned area. Discretion should be used by all for the safety of themselves and other attendees. Animinitime and its affiliates are not responsible for the actions or belongings of those who attend.


This 2010, Animinitime will be holding it’s masquerade at the pre-con picnics! Come out to the Commons on Saturday to enter your cosplay, preform a skit and to check out others’ amazing entries.

Registration for Competition: 12:00pm-1:00pm
To be in the Masquerade competition you must check in/register between 12-1 you can e-mail picnic (a) to let me know you are coming -insert address here- but if you do not check in before 1pm we cannot guaranty you’ll get into the competition. Time is limited so slots are limited. Please bring a filled out masquerade form to make the process faster.

Download the Masquerade Form (PDF)

Other Stuff You Should Know:
If you’re bringing music, or require music for your skit, e-mail the picnic coordinator so we can work out how to have it prepared for you. The masquerade space will not require you to do pre-voice recordings for any skits.

Proper footwear is required AT ALL TIMES
No bladed or projectile weapons of any kind

Animinitime’s thanks to Anime@Large for their hard work at this event!