Picnicon 2010

Date: July 16, 2010
Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Victoria Park (Moncton, NB)


Picnicon is an annual cosplay picnic and this year, we’re teaming up with Animinitime, the Maritimes’ 1-day anime and gaming convention, to bring you two fantastic days of convention atmosphere.

This year, Picnicon will be giving some added perks to those who pre-registered for Animinitime. Details to follow.


12:00pm – Official Picnic Start

2:00pm – Sign-Up for Masquerade

3:00pm – Masquerade Begins!


1. Absolutely no weapons! This includes false weapons. No exceptions. You cannot have replica swords, made of wood or otherwise, or replica guns, even plastic ones. The reasoning for this is that we are in a public park where anyone is welcome. We do NOT want to scare off regulars to the park, or people who are just trying to take a walk!

2. Keep faces uncovered! If your costume includes a mask, feel free to put it on ONLY for photo ops. Anything other than photo ops requires your face to be uncovered. Again, we are going to be in a public park.

3. Ask before you glomp! Since this is a cosplay picnic, I’m sure you’re aware that there will be people who put a whole lot of amazing effort into thieir costumes. Please ask before you glomp someone, or you may accidentally ruin an amazing costume!

4. Please label all food! This is due to potential allergies. We’ve had attendees in the past with severe allergies to various foods. Pre-labeled food, such as a bag of chips or a box of cookies, will not need to be labeled. If you bake a cake, however, please list the ingredients on the object you’re bringing it in. This is to prevent any of out attendees getting ill!

5. Responsibility is yours! Neither Picnicon nor the City of Moncton accepts responsibility if you are injured nor for lost or stolen items at Picnicon. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on your own items and for your own well-being. If you are attending Picnicon, you are accepting this rule!

6. No harassment! Picnicon has a ZERO TOLERANCE harassment policy. If you are found to be harassing another attendee then you can expect to be escorted from the premises. Absolutely no exceptions. If you find you are being harassed, please contact Picnicon staff immediately and the situation will be swiftly dealt with. THIS ALSO INCLUDES NON-ATTENDEES. Please do not harass the civilians. We are using the park with the permission of the city and we absolutely CANNOT abuse this privilege. Please don’t make Picnicon or the cosplay community look bad. We want to educate people, not scare them.

Animinitime’s thanks for Katie Cooper’s hard work in organizing this event!