Great Pre-Con Giveaway – Trigun Plush

March 21, 2010
Trigun - Vash Plush

Trigun – Vash Plush Toy

While he won’t be shooting any guns with his plushed little hands, Vash’ll make up for it by being a great addition to anyone’s collection! 9″ in height, this plushie of Trigun’s main character Vash is a detailed representation of the donut-crazed, gun-toting “Humanoid Typhoon”.

Giveaway sponsored by Great Eastern Entertainment

Trigun is a classic and remains to this day one of the most enjoyed anime series around the world. For an entire generation of anime fans it was one of their first forays into the realm of Japanese animation and we think fans of the show will love this adorable grinning collectible!


How To Enter:
Simply leave a comment in the comment section below with your name, e-mail address (e-mail addresses are not made public) and an answer to the following questions (because we’re curious!): What was the first anime you watched? And what series really got you hooked on the medium?

Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away – we need to approve all comments so sometimes it takes a little time.

A winner will be drawn at random from the entries!
Entries will be accepted until March 28, 2010 (9pm)

You must be pre-registered for Animinitime Halifax and be attending to enter the drawing. Each pre-registrant may enter only once per draw. You may also enter any or all of the giveaways but are only eligible to win one.

In the event you are the winner, you will be contacted by e-mail before the results are publicly announced. Prizes will be distributed during the Animinitime Halifax event. Some exceptions can be made for those living in the local Halifax area. The convention staff reserve the right to request the approval of a legal guardian before prizes are distributed to minors.

Good Luck!


42 Responses to “Great Pre-Con Giveaway – Trigun Plush”

  1. Sailor Moon was the first anime series I ever watched!! :D D Sailor Moon was the series that really got me hooked.

  2. It’s between Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Both were on right before I went to school everyday…well until they cancelled sailor moon :(

  3. I’m gonna guess my first anime was either 80’s Astro Boy or Speed Racer. Something with a catchy theme song.

    I think Trigun was actually the first time I considered it “watching anime”, seeking it out as opposed to just watching stuff passively on TV.

  4. Sailor Moon was definitely my first, and it is the show that got me hooked, closely followed by Cardcaptor Sakura.

  5. My first anime was either Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z. At the time I didn’t know what anime Later on in my years my boyfriend showed me Naruto and then I was hooked.

  6. Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched and it’s also what got me hooked.

  7. I think Akira (or maybe Sailor Moon, but things are so foggy from back then :S) I just remember watching it and being so stunned witht he scope and amazing art (I also remember me and my friend re-watching the stupid grin Kanada had on his face while at the police station like fifteen times…)

    The anime that really got me involved was probably Eva. I had this wacky idea that if I watched it enough, I might actually be able to analize it enough to figure it out (it didn’t work).

  8. First anime series was probably Samurai Pizza Cats, first movie was probably My Neighbor Totoro, which is still my favorite anime movie.

    As far as getting me “hooked”, I’d blame Totoro, or Sailor Moon.

  9. The first I watched was Astro Boy. That was back in the day xDD The one that really got me hooked though, was Kenshin. We had family nights of sitting around watching episodes of Kenshin, all my siblings LOVED it, which is weird because my sister is not that into anime -_^

  10. I THINK the first anime I watched was Pokemon because apparently my second birthday cake had a pikachu on it. I have no idea what anime actually hooked me because I’ve been an anime fan as long as I can remember (at least back until 2nd birthday I suppose XD ) But my first hard core obsession was probably Inu-yasha. lol puppy man

  11. My first anime was probably one of the top 3 i can remember Sailor Moon, Digimon or pokemon.

    loved them till they got cancled then forgot about it all togeather till one day my sister when she was 11 ( i was 8 ) stayed up on a friday or saturday night and watched inuyasha then the next week she got me and my brother to watch it with her. i got hooked into anime from that ( Thanks to my sister i have alot of fun at the cons )
    my brother stoped likeing anime after inuyasha and gundam seed got cancled >.<

  12. I’m really old school, so what I can remember it was the original Transformers, Astro Boy, and G Force (not the Disney version).

    That was before I knew it was Anime years ago. After that the next one I can really remember was Sailor Moon. (Still didn’t know it was Anime, but knew it originated from Japan then).

    Finally, I would chat with a group of guys who were Anime nuts, and I just happened to notice that YTV had Anime shows on friday nights (few years back), so checked it out to see what it was REALLY about.

    Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach were the two I watched that night, and FMA was the one that really got me addicted to it all and understanding what Anime is.

  13. The first anime show I watched was Sailor Moon..but the show that got me hooked was Kaleido Star!!

  14. Astroboy and Speed Racer were probably my first anime but I was to young to know they were Anime…. Sailor Moon, like most people was when I first went “Hey, what is this, this is awesome” and I learned it was brought over from Japan so I looked up even more and found out there was LOTS of other animes out there and have been hooked ever since.

  15. my first anime was dragonball and the one that got me hooked was neon genesis evangelion! :3

  16. Astroboy was my first! :D

    Lain: Serial Experiments got me hooked.

  17. I’d say Sailor Moon in like 2nd grade it was on TV every day when I got back, then Dragon Ball Z, Digimon and Pokemon came but I think Cardcaptor Sakura really was what made me look for more anime, then it all went crazy. :)

  18. Sailor Moon, though it wasn’t until a friend showed me a raw, uncut VHS of Sailor Moon Stars that an otaku was born.

  19. Probably Sailor Moon, as that made up a lot of my childhood, haha. I think it was either InuYasha or Naruto that really got me into the fandom, though~

  20. The first anime series I watched was probably Sailor Moon or Pokemon XD as for the series that got me hooked well it was probably Inuyasha or Naruto X3

  21. Sailor moon ftw. But the anime I love the most would have to be Vampire Knight.

  22. Sailor Moon and Pok√©mon were my firsts, Cardcaptor Sakura got me hooked…thank you Teletoon!

  23. The first anime i watched was Astro Boy. The one that got me hooked was Chrno Crusade.

  24. Sailor Moon was probably the first one I watched, Dragonball Z got me into it, and I’d say Trigun or Love Hina probably got me hooked on the stuff. Good times.

  25. The first anime I watched was either Sailor Moon or Pokemon, but Fruits Basket and then Hellsing are the ones that really got me liking anime.

  26. First? speed racer/dragon ball z rrraaawwwrrr

  27. I’ve watched a lot of anime when I was a kid, but Evangelion was the first that really got me into it. Once I did my first watching of it I simply got hooked.

  28. The first anime i ever watched was sailor moon and it was Tokyo Mew Mew that got me hooked on it!! ^.^ But i got obsessed with many others(Chibi Vampire, Elfen Lied, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note etc.)Right now Death Note…I want L plush doll too.

  29. The first ANime I ever watched was definately Sailor Moon. :)
    My sister was always and still is a big Sailor Moon fan and we would watch it together when we were little.
    I would have to say that Yu-gi-oh was my biggest real hook into the world of Anime, I became an avid collecter and still am, but I would have to say that the series that really Death Note :) Death Note is my FAVORITE!!!

  30. The first anime I ever watched? Sailor moon, I was hooked ever since, it came out when I was a kid. The series that got me completely hooked was Elfen Lied.

  31. The first anime I watched wuz either Sailor Moon or Pokemon :) but Inuyasha is what got me hooked!!! <3 :P Now im obsessed with Death Note and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni! <3 :D

  32. Astroboy and Sailor Moon. Child of the 80s! Then Pokemon led to Digimon and that was the series that got me hooked on Japanese culture though.

  33. As with everyone else, my first taste of anime came about with Sailor Moon (Because I didn’t know that transformers was anime at the time that it was introduced to me when I was a very small child) and had me hooked since I first laid my eyes on it.

    I was amazed and decided to research more on this series and later found out that it was just part of a bigger world of anime.

  34. I remember waking up at 6 in the morning with my brother to watch Pokemon. But I think I was obsessed with Sailor Moon a bit before that.
    I was reading manga for a couple years before I got hooked on anime. But my friend convinced me to watch Fruits Basket, and that’s what got me hooked.

  35. The first anime I ever watched was probably Pokemon, but Cardcaptors was the first anime I was really interested in. The first that got me interested in the rest of the genre, though, was InuYasha. I watched it every week when they played it on YTV.

  36. Dragonball and Sailormoon were my first anime shows… And from then on it got to other shows like Bleach, Naruto, Cardcaptor and well tons more but I’m not going to list them all :)

  37. My first Anime was Sailor Moon.
    I remember watching all these diffrent anime but Escaflowne and Gundam Wing really got me hooked on anime. YTV was the source for anime back then (Bleach, Naruto, Eruka 7,…)

  38. Pokemon was and still is my favorite original. I can totally name off all 493. I used to stay up crazy late when I was a kid on YTV to watch Inuyasha and Eureka 7 etc. In the last 2 years, I’ve become unheathily obsessed with Bleach O.o I don’t work Tuesdays anymore so I can watch the latest episodes. (They’re released on Tuesdays) XD

  39. the first anime i ever wathed was probably Sailor moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. I was actually hooked by evangelion :) its still one of my favorites:)

  40. The first anime I saw was Rurouni Kenshin, and the one that got me hooked was Gundam Wing

  41. Totoro is my fav :-)

  42. The first anime i ever watched was Astroboy, however it was Sailor Moon that got me hooked.