Halifax Pre-Registration Closed – Sold Out!

April 2, 2010

Registration for Animinitime Halifax closed at midnight this past Wednesday (March 31st, 2010) and we’re excited to announce a sold-out show! A big thank you to everyone who registered and we look forward to seeing everyone there for what promises to be a fun time! A special thank you goes out to Strange Adventures who played a huge role in ensuring registration for the event was as easy and convenient as possible for our attendees.

Please note that as previously stated in the event of sold-0ut badges, this means there will be no at-con registration available for Animinitime.

Tickets for our midnight showing of Cowboy Bebop the movie are still available and our Halifax Super Picnic remains an open to the public event. Badge purchases are also still available for Animinitime Moncton on July 17th!

3 Responses to “Halifax Pre-Registration Closed – Sold Out!”

  1. Hey, I only found out about the animinitimes in Halifax recently, and would LOVE to go with my sisters! I realise that it is sold out, but that’s not stopping us!!

    We would be happy to come as volunteers! We’ve already gotten our costumes and would love to show them off!

    If there is ANY way we can still attend, we’d be happy to hear from you!

  2. Wow. That’s ridiculous! Is there any chance that you could maybe let the nine-tailed demon fox out of the bag and let me know how many people are planning on attending this convention? I’m so excited… believe it. ^/.\^

  3. [...] the province (and some beyond!) have pre-registered for Animinitime Halifax, selling our show out a month in advance. A big thanks again to everyone for the support and enthusiasm and we can’t wait to see all [...]

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