Thank You For Animinitime Moncton!

July 18, 2010

July 17th has come and gone meaning another completed Animinitime event. All the staff and volunteers had a great time including a lot of great memories we’ll have forever and we have the fondest wish that all our attendees can say the same as well! The event went great – from comfortably reaching our 500 attendee cap, to a smooth registration process and a group of awesome attendees, it was definitely one to remember!

Our greatest thanks go to everyone who made it possible – the Delta hotel and its kind and accommodating staff, the dedicated and enthusiastic vendors and artists who lit up the exhibitor room, our many generous sponsors, all our staff and volunteers who work so hard to bring these events together every year and of course our attendees who always make it worthwhile! A special thanks again goes to Strange Adventures for being a big part of Animinitime’s registration process this year and offering a convenient way for attendees around the Maritimes to pre-register for the events.

Edit: Con-chair apologies for this huge initial oversight but of course our huge thanks also goes out to Katie Cooper who organized Moncton’s Picnicon event and held it the day before Animinitime to offer everyone another two great days of anime/cosplay goodness! We saw each and every tan line at Animinitime as a sign of how much fun there was to be had at the event along with the many colourful photo galleries being shared on our forums. A thanks also to the attendees, shops, libraries and schools around the Maritimers who put up posters advertising our events and the Here! magazine for the article about our event (you can read the article on their website).

Sadly this also marks the official end of Animinitime 2010 – we really hope everyone enjoyed the two events and had the chance to attend some great panels, play some fun games, watch some shiny anime, see some awesome cosplay and hang with fantastic friends. The chance to hold an event in Halifax was an exciting change of pace and the enthusiasm received for both locations was wonderful to see. Our thanks again to everyone who made these events possible!

Our next convention will be a return to the three-day tradition that is Animaritime (for which pre-registration has already been opened!). Never been? Try to imagine as much awesome as we had in one day events this year then multiplied by three! We can’t wait to see everyone there in 2011!

6 Responses to “Thank You For Animinitime Moncton!”

  1. Don’t want to be jumping ahead of myself, but any news on how early one can reserve a table in AA?

  2. I actually had some suggestions to help streamline the Artist’s Alley and other registration processes for next year. Is there anyplace specific I can send these suggestions?

    Great con this year… definitely the best year yet!

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    Very happy you enjoyed our convention ^^ That said we’re always open to suggestions and ideas! Please feel free to send along your thoughts to me at

    - Lissa

  4. I have a question about the con if I could, what happened to the fan fic and amv contest? Were winners announced in the openign ceremonies or something? lol ^^;

  5. All winners were announced at the closing ceremonies :)

  6. I’m going to assume that means I didn’t win lol

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