The garage sale will run from 6-8pm

Garagle Sale Rules

Unlike previous years this year’s garage sale will be run by you! That’s right, you sell your own stuff! But since you’re selling your stuff there are guidelines we need you to follow.

1) You MUST be pre-registered for Animinitime Moncton before applying to be in the garage sale. All applications sent before you are pre-registered will not be read.

How to Sign-Up For the Garage Sale

2) If you’d like to register for the garage sale first read the rules of sale. By applying for the garage sale you state that you have read and understand the rules of sale and all items you are planning to sell abide by these rules. You also state that you are fully aware if any item you are selling is in violation of these rules it will be removed from your table without warning.

3) Anyone under the age of 18 will require a parent’s signature at the bottom of each inventory page as proof that they are aware of what is being sold. Anyone under the age of 14 will require a parent or guardian with them at all times as they do during the entire convention. This parent or guardian counts as the second person behind the table and no others will be permitted.

4) We will require a flat fee of $10 per space; Animinitime staff allots space based on content and availability. Payment for the space is required before the garage sale at the time of the event. We will not sell half spaces. No more than two people are allowed in the space provided at a time. One space, two chairs (chairs are optional). If you wish to share your space with another and they are also selling it is up to you to make sure everything is fair. No refunds are allowed for garage sale fees.

5) Everything you’re selling must fit into a 6′ by 2′ rectangular space; you can test this out at home with some painters tape on the kitchen floor. If you require more than one space you will have to purchase a second rectangle at the same price. Your stuff is never to touch the line which defines your space. We do not endorse the concept of Manga forts, plan to stack your items safely and in a manner which makes sense for selling purposes.

Rules of Sale

Things you can sell:

Gently loved Items – Manga, Anime, CD’s, Dolls, Figures, Wallets, wall scrolls/posters, Toys etc.
Accessories – Hats, shoes, clips, pins, jewellery that are not fan made by you or others
Used Games – Video Games, Game Consoles, Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles, Warhammer etc.
Costumes/Costume accessories – Contact for these items

Things you cannot sell:

Weapons which are not permitted at the convention – See Weapons policy for details
New Items (see vendors room) or Broken/Damaged Stuff – Manga, Anime, CD’s, Dolls, Figures, Wallets, wall scrolls/posters, Toys, Video Games, Game Consoles, Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles ect
Fan Made/Decorated Accessories – Hats, shoes, clips, pins, jewellery or any of these items made with the use of a licensed image.
Handy Crafts – Magnets, Plushies, hats (See AA for sale of these Items)
Art- Prints, Sketches or Commissions (See AA for sale of these Items)
Illegal Items- Bootlegs of any kind, Burned DVD’s or CD’s of anything.
Food- Snacks, Candy, Drinks, Pocky or anything which is meant to be consumed by a human being

If you have 18+ Items you wish to sell contact us at as these items will be permitted in the regular garage sale only under special circumstances.

How to Sign-Up

To register for the Garage sale e-mail stating you are interested and after you pre-registration has been confirmed, you will be added to the list if space is available.

Once approved you will need to fill out the following and bring it with you to the convention at which time you will be required to pay the $10 garage sale fee: Garage Sale Sign-Up Form