Thank You For Animinitime Halifax!

April 26, 2010

Animinitime Halifax is sadly now over but we certainly hope the memories of fun and friends is still fresh in everyone’s minds! The event was a huge success not only being the first of its kind in Halifax, Nova Scotia but also housing a sold-out show of enthusiastic fans.

As convention chair of Animinitime, I would like to personally thank all our attendees for their fantastic behavior and help in making this weekend one to remember. From the great turnout at our Super Picnic on Saturday to the attendance of the convention itself, everyone really showed us that Halifax is itching for more events like these and our staff certainly hope to supply it again in the future!

The city of Halifax was incredibly supportive as well. We were featured on the cover of this week’s The Coast magazine, received sponsorship from local companies, had aid from the attentive hotel staff and security during the event and appeared on the evening local news editions of CBC, Global and CTV. (Note: We’ll be posting all these news segments as they become available to us digitally so stay tuned for that!).

We also extend our thanks to the many companies and organizations who sponsored our events. We hope everyone takes a moment to check out their websites and look at their wonderful assortment of products, many of which we had the honour of sharing with our attendees at the convention.

Also a huge thank-you to our local comic-shop Strange Adventures, who not only returned as a vendor this year, but also provided a large portion of our attendees with a new and convenient way to pre-register for the event by dropping of registration forms at their two shops.

We were also fortunate to have local graphic-novel artist Faith Erin Hicks present at the event who shared her experiences with our attendees at her panel and brought out her work to share in our Artist Alley alongside a bevy of talented creators from around the Maritimes.

And of course so much thanks goes to our amazing staff and volunteers who worked diligently throughout the year and straight through the day to ensure that everything ran smoothly and everyone had a great time. The convention sits on the backs of these individuals and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of hard-working fans to see it through.

I hope everybody had an amazing time at Animinitime Halifax, whether you were showing off your moves in the Game Room, strutting your skills in the Artist Alley, shopping for swag at our vendors or hanging out with your friends and attending our panels, it’s the sincerest hope of myself and the Animinitime staff that everyone had a fantastic time.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and we hope to see everyone again in Moncton – be it Animinitime Moncton, Animaritime 2011 or both!

All the very best,

- Lissa Pattillo
Con-Chair, Animinitime 2010

5 Responses to “Thank You For Animinitime Halifax!”

  1. Both me and my girlfriend had a grand time (it was also our first con) enjoyed both vendor/artist alley and the panels. Its a toss up for which one we liked the most though (plushie making was fun as was Cosplay 101, Chibli-Survior [soot-sprites for the win], and the Yaoi panel was funny) looking forward to next years 3 days of madness. Keep up the Kawaii job to all of those involed.

  2. MY GOD IT WAS SO AWESOME! my first con too! and im soooo going to the next one. this time, i am definetly getting me a cosplay from FMA.

  3. Thanks for putting it on! I had a great time, and so did my friend (it was his first convention ever!). We cosplayed Metalocalypse, and, although very few people knew who we were, that made the few people that did know that much more fun to encounter.

    We had a wonderful time, and, if it’s on again, we’ll certainly come!

  4. Here’s the coverage from the coast :)

  5. Me and my friends had a fantasic time!
    We met so many great people, and now we’re trying to come to Moncton for more fun times, lol! ;P

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