Animinitime Moncton Schedule Posted!

July 6, 2010

Some eagle-eyed attendees have already spotted it – the Animinitime Moncton schedule has gone live! You can check it out over on the Events page.

We took into consideration everyone’s comments from Animinitime Halifax to put together a line-up of returning favourites and a couple new choices as well! We’ve expanded the Anime Feud event for another hour of fun and trivia and have brought back the Garage Sale, this time trying something new by allowing attendees to sell their own belongings as is customary at many other conventions. We hope people enjoy the change of pace as we test the grounds for future events!

Our video game room is going to be¬†predominantly¬†free-play with the option of impromptu tournaments remaining available for those interested. We couldn’t have a CanCon East event without the Super Smash Brothers tournament though! And keep an eye out for the anime showing schedule which will have lots of great titles both new and old that we’re currently clearing with companies – coming soon to a screen near you!

We encourage all attendees to visit the registration page to ensure you’re familiar with the rules and process for registering or picking up your badge. A reminder also to all pre-registrants that you can still enter the pre-con giveaway draw to win some spiffy prizes!

11 days until Animinitime Moncton…

5 Responses to “Animinitime Moncton Schedule Posted!”

  1. Super Smash Brothers…..? We talking 64, G-Cube or Wii? Pumped for it either way! I just haven’t played one in like forever lol

  2. The Super Smash tournament will be for Super Smash Brother Melee on the Wii. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own controllers so they can play with the one they prefer (Wiimote, classic controller, GameCube)

  3. ummm Super smash bro.s melee was G-cube lol So I’m going to assume you mean brawl, It would be the only smash brothers I don’t have access to so I could practice lol.

  4. Haha, you’re quite right! This is what happens when someone other than the video game head responds to video game questions ;)

    Though we have had Super Smash for the N64 and the Wii at our events, our tournaments have been for Brawl since it came out.

  5. Sounds great! :D

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