Garage Sale

Returning by popular demand, the garage sale is our attendees chance to bring their old books, DVDs, games and toys to the convention and offer it for sale to fellow con-goers. Attendees who wish to sell their used-items will be able to sign up for a spot in advance (spots are limited) and utilizing the spot provided to them, sell their items for the two hour time frame of the event’s duration. A flat-rate fee for spots will apply.

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Artist Alley

Offering a place for artists to share their work with attendees, Artist Alley is an integral part of Animaritime and so no Animinitime could be complete without it! The place to go to see the creativity of fellow attendees shine.

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Video Game Room

Multiple systems, a variety of games and no shortage of players, the Game Room is the place video game fans will definately want to stop by and have some fun. EastNet Computers returns for another year to bring the Animinitime gaming experience to Halifax.

Board Game Room

Munchkin, Yu-Gi-Oh, Settlers of Catan and lots more. The place to go for fans of tabletop and card games. Games or tournaments you’d like to see held or are interested in running? Check out our forums to let us know what you think.

Other Events

Super Picnic
Cowboy Bebop The Movie – Special Midnight Showing!
Evangelion 1.0 Showing

Event Schedule – Halifax

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