From the same dedicated staff and volunteers who've held Animaritime since 2004, comes Animinitime: two one-day events with the purpose of continuing to bring the best of anime and gaming to the Maritimes. A family friendly event with lots to do and see, we strive to make sure there's something for every fan, new and old. We hope to see you there in 2010!

Thank You For Animinitime Moncton!

July 18, 2010

July 17th has come and gone meaning another completed Animinitime event. All the staff and volunteers had a great time including a lot of great memories we’ll have forever and we have the fondest wish that all our attendees can say the same as well! The event went great – from comfortably reaching our 500 attendee cap, to a smooth registration process and a group of awesome attendees, it was definitely one to remember!

Our greatest thanks go to everyone who made it possible – the Delta hotel and its kind and accommodating staff, the dedicated and enthusiastic vendors and artists who lit up the exhibitor room, our many generous sponsors, all our staff and volunteers who work so hard to bring these events together every year and of course our attendees who always make it worthwhile! A special thanks again goes to Strange Adventures for being a big part of Animinitime’s registration process this year and offering a convenient way for attendees around the Maritimes to pre-register for the events.

Edit: Con-chair apologies for this huge initial oversight but of course our huge thanks also goes out to Katie Cooper who organized Moncton’s Picnicon event and held it the day before Animinitime to offer everyone another two great days of anime/cosplay goodness! We saw each and every tan line at Animinitime as a sign of how much fun there was to be had at the event along with the many colourful photo galleries being shared on our forums. A thanks also to the attendees, shops, libraries and schools around the Maritimers who put up posters advertising our events and the Here! magazine for the article about our event (you can read the article on their website).

Sadly this also marks the official end of Animinitime 2010 – we really hope everyone enjoyed the two events and had the chance to attend some great panels, play some fun games, watch some shiny anime, see some awesome cosplay and hang with fantastic friends. The chance to hold an event in Halifax was an exciting change of pace and the enthusiasm received for both locations was wonderful to see. Our thanks again to everyone who made these events possible!

Our next convention will be a return to the three-day tradition that is Animaritime (for which pre-registration has already been opened!). Never been? Try to imagine as much awesome as we had in one day events this year then multiplied by three! We can’t wait to see everyone there in 2011!

Animinitime Moncton Is Upon Us! Some Things to Remember

July 15, 2010

Two days to con-time! We hope everyone’s excited – we know we are! To help make the badge pick-up process as quick and smooth as possible, we encourage everyone to be aware of the policies and procedures in place so they can have everything ready upon arrival to the convention. Less time in line means more time enjoying the con-goodness!

Some important things to note for the upcoming Animinitime:

- Sign in for pre-registrants opens at 9am
- All attendees must have photo ID
- All attendees under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian to sign them in
- All attendees 13 and under must have a legal guardian with them at all times

Those looking to purchase badges on site, please note the following:

- Registration for those who did not pre-register will open at 10am
- There will be a cap on those allowed to purchase badges on-site
- Badges are sold first-come, first-serve. Only one badge per individual and holding spots in line for others will not be permitted
- Only cash is accepted for badge payment at the convention

Here on our website you can read our Animinitime policies and registration process.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and also hope to see everyone decked out in their fabulous cosplay for the Masquerade at tomorrow’s Picnicon!

Animinitime Moncton Schedule Posted!

July 6, 2010

Some eagle-eyed attendees have already spotted it – the Animinitime Moncton schedule has gone live! You can check it out over on the Events page.

We took into consideration everyone’s comments from Animinitime Halifax to put together a line-up of returning favourites and a couple new choices as well! We’ve expanded the Anime Feud event for another hour of fun and trivia and have brought back the Garage Sale, this time trying something new by allowing attendees to sell their own belongings as is customary at many other conventions. We hope people enjoy the change of pace as we test the grounds for future events!

Our video game room is going to be predominantly free-play with the option of impromptu tournaments remaining available for those interested. We couldn’t have a CanCon East event without the Super Smash Brothers tournament though! And keep an eye out for the anime showing schedule which will have lots of great titles both new and old that we’re currently clearing with companies – coming soon to a screen near you!

We encourage all attendees to visit the registration page to ensure you’re familiar with the rules and process for registering or picking up your badge. A reminder also to all pre-registrants that you can still enter the pre-con giveaway draw to win some spiffy prizes!

11 days until Animinitime Moncton…

Happy Canada Day! Drawing for Prizes and Last Day to Pre-reg!

July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day everyone! We hope everyone is out there enjoying the colourul festivities and fireworks and being proud to be Canadian on our country’s birthday.

But wait, what’s a birthday without some gifts? Along with keeping pre-registration open throughout the day (how could we close it the day before Canada’s birthday?!) we’re also giving away some fun goodies today. What you ask? Well see below:

- Trigun (“Vash the Stampede”) Plush
- SDCC 2009 Exclusive Viz-Media Tote Bag (RinNe + Naruto)
- Case Closed (Season Five Complete DVD Boxset)
- YuGiOh GX: Rise of the Sacred Beasts (Part One DVD Boxset)
- Animinitime 2010 T-shirt (white, choice of size)

Interested in winning? The drawing is open to Animinitime Moncton pre-registrants and all you need to do is leave a comment on this post with three items you’d like to win in order from first-to-last and answer the following question:

What events would you like to see at Animaritime 2011?

Planning for the return of our 3-day event is already well under way. We’ve built our Animinitime events around your requests (schedule posted soon!) and we look forward to offering all the same fun stuff and more at Animaritime next year.

Note: All comments must be approved before they will appear on the page for public viewing so don’t worry if you don’t see your post appear right away!


Winners will be drawn Sunday July 11th! Prizes will be distributed at the Animinitime Moncton with winners contacted prior to.

Only 16 days left until Animinitime Moncton!

Moncton Pre-Reg Closes on July 1st, Rules for On-Site Reg Posted

June 28, 2010
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Only a few more days to pre-register for Animinitime Moncton! Got your badges yet? If you do, don’t forget about our Artist Alley and Garage Sale, both are exclusive to our pre-registrants! Don’t have your badges purchased yet? Some remain so head on over to the registration page for the how-tos!

In the event that badges remain after the pre-registration date has passed (July 1st), there will be a limited number of badges available on-site. If you’re considering waiting until Animinitime to purchase your badge, please see the registration page for important information.

Only 19 days until Animinitime Moncton!

Animinitime’s Garage Sale How-Tos

June 16, 2010
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Got some extra swag to clear out to make room for all the new goodies you’ll be buying at Animinitime? Now’s your chance! The rules and how-tos of the garage sale have been posted over on our Events page. As previously announced, we’re doing things a little differently this year and allowing you to sell your own goodies – your own pricing, your own haggling and your own space! Each square costs $10 flat-fee.

Only a couple weeks left to pre-register for Animinitime Moncton! Registration has really picked up – will we see another sold out show?

Registration for Artist Alley Moncton Now Open!

June 4, 2010
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Artists looking for a spot in Animinitime Moncton’s Artist Alley, now’s your chance to nab a table! Registration for Moncton’s AA is now open. You can check out the prices and process of registration over on our forums. Remember, all those who wish to apply for an artist alley table must be pre-registered for the convention.

43 days until Animinitime Moncton!

Prepare Your Swag – Garage Sale Returning for Animinitime Moncton

May 24, 2010

A favourite event of Animaritime, and brought back by popular demand, Animinitime Moncton will be having a garage sale!

We’ll also be trying things a bit differently for the one-day event. Lasting for two hours, attendees will be allowed the opportunity to pay a one-time fee and man their own designated spot to sell their items. This means full control over the price and haggling you wish to offer with your items to give your buyers the deal they’re looking for.

Participation for the event will require pre-registration for both the Animinitime Moncton event and the garage sale. More information can be read on our events page with full details available on June 16th, 2010.

A reminder also that our Artist Alley registration opens this week on June 4th!

Two Months Until Animinitime Moncton!

May 16, 2010
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Has it really only been a few weeks since Animinitime Halifax? Where does the time go! Work on our Moncton event remains well on the way so keep an eye out for more details and announcements in the coming weeks.

As we had with Halifax, we’ll also be extending the pre-registration dates for Animinitime Moncton by popular demand. This means you now have until July 1st, 2010 to register for the event (or until no badges remain).

Registration for Artists Alley has also been confirmed and will open on June 4th, 2010 at 8pm (Atlantic Time). For more information on Artists Alley and how to be ready for registration open-time, check out the events’ page for all the info you need.

Thank You For Animinitime Halifax!

April 26, 2010

Animinitime Halifax is sadly now over but we certainly hope the memories of fun and friends is still fresh in everyone’s minds! The event was a huge success not only being the first of its kind in Halifax, Nova Scotia but also housing a sold-out show of enthusiastic fans.

As convention chair of Animinitime, I would like to personally thank all our attendees for their fantastic behavior and help in making this weekend one to remember. From the great turnout at our Super Picnic on Saturday to the attendance of the convention itself, everyone really showed us that Halifax is itching for more events like these and our staff certainly hope to supply it again in the future!